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D20 Cruise 2023 – Role Playing Vacation

Navigator of the Seas April 19, 2023 $450

D20 at Sea is a 5 Night sailing from Los Angeles across some of the most incredible spots Baja California has to offer including our dedicated gaming space with tables for Dungeons and Dragons 5e or any other tabletop roleplaying games you would like to take for a spin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

event cruises FAQs

Event Cruises is your one stop shop for Specialty Cruise Vacations. We offer cruise events for those who want to experience a different type of vacation.

Event.Cruises, specialty events for games, music and more aboard amazing cruise vacations. Cruise with your community!

All the events are group events. This means the ship is shared with other passengers who are not attending a particular event. This means that in your cabin not all guests have to attend an event, and making things: 1 Cheaper, 2 Everyone enjoys their way.

If you have a niche audience, want to plan a mega wedding, conference, or a cool vacation with performers and more, head to our Contact Us page and send us a message, we are glad to collaborate.

YES! We offer just the event pass for each of the events shown here, meaning you can book the cabin yourself, or use another travel agent to book the cruise and just purchase individual tickets for the events.

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