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Do I need a passport?

The two options for boarding cruises starting and ending in the US for US Citizens are.

  1. Passport (Best option)
  2. Drivers License or Government ID AND Original Birth Certificate (Okay Option)

For more info, click HERE

I’ve never been on a cruise what should I expect?

You should expect one of the more relaxing experiences you’ve ever had mixed with the productivity of a conference and the enjoyment of a game/comic convention. The first day is mostly checking in, enjoying some culinary delights and exploring the ship. We will make sure to properly orient you to the ships activities, amenities, and anything else cruise related.

What do I get included with my Event Pass and Package?

A room for you and any guests you bring (Up to 4) on the cruise, loot bags with swag from the event (Pins, cards, etc.) and 24/7 access to the Cruise event space, games and equipment. All the other amenities on the cruise can be enjoyed at your leisure.

What is the food situation, is food included for the cruise duration?

Food is included, the ships actually have several types of food options running at pretty much 24/7 which is nice including room service food orders as well. But also inside the ship and once in the ports, there are exclusive restaurants where you do have to pay to eat.

Are there additional fees or taxes to the prices shown?

We’ve added in all the taxes and fees in those prices, that’s all of it except for “gratuities” which is paid after the cruise, like tips for the staff aboard the ship. As of September 7th, 2022, the automatic service gratuity of $16.00 USD per person, per day. You can contact us at any time prior to 1 month before sailing to pre pay the gratuities.

If I only have 3 people in my room, will a fourth be added in?

Nope, if you book it for 3, then 3 shall be in the room unless you tell us you need to add a 4th at a later date but aside from that the rooms are all yours for you and your guests. No strangers.

If I don’t have a passport how can I get one?

Please visit this HERE for additional information

Is there a list of activities for the Non-Gamers?

There are so many things to do on the cruise. So for the non-gamers in need of a vacation here are some of the things you can do aboard the ship: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/explorer-of-the-seas/things-to-do Most if not all of those things to do are included with some exceptions like spa time, alcoholic beverages, gambling or other premium activities, though to be honest on a cruise there is so much that is included you really don’t need to do any of them unless you absolutely want to.

Does the cruise stop to any islands or land locations?

Yes! The trip is divided into “Days at Sea” and “Port Days”. During a Port Day, the Cruise ship will stop at a destination, for example, Labadee, Jamaica, for half a day where you would get to experience the island, get on excursions, go shopping, and more. Days at Sea is when traveling to and from locations.

What are monthly installments?

We made it easy to attend our event and experience a great vacation. We created the monthly payments system to break down the full price of the cruise and ticket. Monthly installments change month, this is due to the full price fee needed to be paid 60 days prior to sailing.

What is the initial booking fee on subscription packages?

The Initial Booking Fee is what we use to book you on the cruise, sets up your room, and mark your initial grant of passage to the ship. We ask for it first so that you can keep the price you signed up for at the moment of purchase, the monthly installments will be charged starting the month after paying the initial booking fee, and it will continue until before 60 days of sailing by which time the full price of the cruise + tickets should have been paid.

Is the initial booking fee refundable?

Deposits (Initial Booking Fee) are non-refundable. See Royal Caribbean’s refund policy here https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/booking-cancellation-refund-policy.

What about Gratuities?

The only additional payment are gratuities once aboard the ship. As of September 7th, 2022, the automatic service gratuity of $16.00 USD per person, per day for guests and covers tipping the staff and services aboard so you don’t have to tip. Although if you would we definitely encourage tipping the hard-working cruise staff where possible, make their day a bit brighter.

A 18% gratuity is automatically added to all beverages, mini bar items, and spa & salon purchases.

Guests can also pre-pay gratuities with us up to 2 weeks before sailing.

What is an Event Package?

There are two parts to the cruise, one being the “normal” cruise activities like comedy shows, movies, laser tag, etc. then there are the private function gaming activities like D&D, Tabletop Games, VR, etc. in the shipboard conference center.
The gaming activities are what makes up the “Event Package” we split the two to better meet the needs of guests that may have people in their cabin that just want to enjoy the cruise but not spend extra on the gaming content.

How is an Event Package different from the cruise tickets?

Similar to the above it is different from the cruise tickets by being a private function within the cruise itself for those “Event Ticket” holders. A compromise for non-geek/gaming guests to not pay into the event and save everyone some money.

I don’t understand what the subscription is for, can you explain?

The subscription is a Paypal recurring monthly payment that takes the total price of the cruise cabin and the event passes and breaks the payment up into monthly installments. This was to make a “financing” like option for people without needing a credit score check or adding in any interest, it’s a payment plan essentially that ends 30-60 days before sailing.

When I tried to book a monthly subscription, there is a $500 sign up fee. What is that for?

This is the deposit for the payment plan, when you pay this the remainder of the total is what is split by the total months until sailing. It’s what we use to pay the deposit on the cabins as well and get your reservation within the group block.

Do I need to be Vaccinated?

COVID-19 Vaccination is no longer required to sail, with a few exceptions. Read more here.