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Wargaming & Hobbyist Vacation

Battle Barge Wargaming Cruise mini painting vacation Helmet IconJoin a unique 40k fan vacation aboard a cruise known as Battle Barge, a wargamer vacation, designed for enthusiasts of the Warhammer 40k universe and wargaming hobby! Imagine vacationing alongside fans from across the globe, sharing epic battles, painting tips, and stories of your latest campaign efforts—all while enjoying the luxury of a cruise.

Dive into a cruise-long narrative campaign that ties together Warhammer 40k 10th edition with that 1000 point army (or armies) to jump in 2v2 matches alongside your cabin mates or other battlefields you seek out as part of the narrative campaign.. Don’t feel like lugging around a full blown 1000 point force? You could also just bring a Kill Team. Last for the 40k family of games tied into the narrative are special one shots for limited amounts of players in the Wrath and Glory or Imperium Maledictum 40k Tabletop RPG systems run by professional GMs, crew or even other guests. Best of all, your participation in the narrative campaign will matter as everyone’s decisions shape the following years Battle Barge 40k wargaming fan cruise narrative campaigns!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, new to the hobby, or just have been looking for a reason to start, this fan cruise offers a unique blend of relaxation and excitement, perfect for any Warhammer 40k enthusiast to jump in.

While we are massive fans of 40k we are just that, this event is not officially affiliated with or endorsed by Games Workshop.

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What to Expect

Battle Barge Cruise is a wargamers vacation. You will enjoy plenty of wargaming & workshops. Take a look at the gallery to see some pictures of past events. Everything is included, no nickel and diming for activities, just enjoy what you want to enjoy on your vacation stress free!

  • 40k Competitive (Singles, Doubles Available)
  • Kill Team Competitive
  • AoS Competitive (Doubles)
  • Miniature Painting 
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Board Games Library
  • All you can eat meals included
  • Prizes/ Awards
  • Wargame Library – Boltgun, Warcry, Star Wars Legion, Blood & Plunder, Battletech and more including guest requests before we sail! 
  • Special guests – Eons of Battle, MiniWarGaming Josh, Impending Duff, Death or Glory Tournament Organizers, The Kill Team Stream.
Battle Barge Cruise Warhammer 40k Campaign Planet Square

Campaign Planet

Name: Galvex

Segmentum: Amgulf Segmentum

Sector: Galv

Population: 1.2 Billion Aprox.

Tithe Grade: Exactis Tertius

What's the Itinerary?

Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Package?

A Package includes a Cruise Cabin and Event Ticket(s) for the event the number of guests specified by the package number. Ex: Package for 2 includes a Cabin for 2 guests and 2 event tickets.

Are Food and Drinks included?

The cruise line offers both free and paid options for food. There are some specialty restaurants that required you to pay, but there are plenty of options that are free.

As for the Drinks, you get free water, tea, some juices, and black coffee. You can purchase Sodas, other types of specialty drinks, and alcohol separate, or there are drink packages offered by the cruise line where you’ll get unlimited everything. You can purchase these through the cruise line portal once you have a reservation number.

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Can I get a cabin for 2 but only 1 event ticket?

Yes! We don’t have that option available on the site but can provide it on a case by case scenario. Head to the Contact us page or use the chat feature and we will help you with that.

Contact us here.

Are flights and hotels included with the package?

No, we only offer the cruise cabin(s) and event ticket(s).