Gacucon Game Cruise, Cosplay, Animation, Gaming Vacation

The Game Cruise | Gaming, Cosplay, Animation, and more.

AUG 24 - 29, 2024
Sailing from Miami, Fl
Visiting Cococay and Cozumel

The OG Geek Cruise

Looking for your that Geeky, Game-y, need to show my cosplay to everyone, vacation? Join the GACUCON Game Cruise for a vacation/ con experience like no other. Sailing with Royal Caribbean Cruises, the Worlds First Game Cruise is your annual event of fun, loot, prizes and more.

What to do in the Game Cruise?

The Gaming Hall

Console & VR gaming

Party games, competitive titles and casual experiences. The more you play the more you can also win during our end of sailing giveaways or raise money for charity!

Play New & Classic Board Games

From Villainous to Chess, if we don’t have it, tell us and we’ll get it!

Cosplay Showcase

Join our professional cosplay photographer leading photo tours across islands, the ship and on stage.

Cocktail Parties

Enjoy an hour of open bar and hanging out in the star lounge with relaxing game music on select nights through the sailing

Play RPGs like D&D

Play the most popular table top role playing games, like D&D, with event DMs or guest led sessions

Group fun! Mini golf, Karaoke, Laser tag, etc.

Large group activities from Werewolf late at night to Mini golf

Here's a List of
What To Do @ the Game Cruise

Sailing with Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruises: Your Gateway to Unforgettable Voyages.

Gacucon, the Game Cruise, sets sail with Royal Caribbean Cruises. This cruise line, lauded for its family-friendly approach and ingeniously designed ships, offers an immersive, enjoyable experience for passengers of all ages. Their extensive range of interactive programs, learning activities, and games keeps everyone entertained, while their diverse selection of dining options caters to various culinary preferences and dietary needs.

Entertainment forms an integral part of the Royal Caribbean experience, offering everything from live performances and comedy shows to movie nights. Even the youngest passengers are considered, with a variety of kid-friendly activities (3 and up) including playgrounds, kiddie pools, and supervised educational programs. Throughout the GACUCON journey, passengers also have the opportunity to enjoy the various amenities on offer, such as the spacious pools, advanced fitness center, and relaxing spa.

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Embark on this unforgettable adventure today and dive into the heart of the gaming and cosplay community with GACUCON 2024!

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gacucon game cruise cosplayer cosplay photo - eventcruises
gacucon game cruise cosplayer cosplay photo - eventcruises
gacucon game cruise cosplayer cosplay photo - eventcruises

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Food and Drinks included?

The cruise line offers both free and paid options for food. There are some specialty restaurants that required you to pay, but there are plenty of options that are free.

As for the Drinks, you get free water, tea, some juices, and black coffee. You can purchase Sodas, other types of specialty drinks, and alcohol separate, or there are drink packages offered by the cruise line where you’ll get unlimited everything. You can purchase these through the cruise line portal once you have a reservation number.

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Can I get a cabin for 2 but only 1 event ticket?

Yes! Our products work as a bundle, you will be able to first select the type of cabin you’d like for you party and amount of guests, then in the product page you will be able to update the quantity of event tickets.

Are flights and hotels included with the package?

No, we only offer the cruise cabin(s) and event ticket(s).

Ways to Pay

Full Price

Full price packages are usually up to 10% cheaper than other product types. Do one payment and you are done.

Affirm - Financing

Affirm is the smartest way to pay over time. With Affirm you pay at your own pace without any fees. Requires pre-qualification.