Interested in putting your brand on a cruise?

Are you looking for event exhibition opportunities that will really float your boat? Event.Cruises has what you’re looking for – the leading provider of cruise ship based event exhibition spaces, specializing in the geek, game and cosplay fandoms.

Check out the packages below to choose the perfect event for your brand.

Here is what you get:

Exhibitor Passes

  • Access to the full event outside of exhibition activities and hours

Exhibition Area Table (6’x 2’ tabling)

  • Day 2 and 3 of Sailing in Studio B from 430PM – 730PM
  • Includes Exhibitor Drink passes during the exhibition cocktail hour
  • Your exhibition space must not rely on power, the Studio B Exhibition Area does not have power outlets available.
  • The exhibition area is open to the whole ship of roughly ~3000-4000 passengers.

Exhibitor Placements

  • Logo on Area Banners, website, booklets
  • Website logos and linkage on and specific sailing
  • Event.Cruises Article on your brand, product or service that will be used as a sponsored post on social media
  • Swag bag inserts for guests event bags (must be provided)

Activity Hosting Options

  • Can pre-plan activities with Event.Cruises approval for additional table space scheduling, staff or materials.
  • A/V available by request (Additional fees may apply depending on A/V requests)
  • Power is included and available for this in the ship conference center

Why exhibit with brands?

Be Premium: Share your event appropriate brand, service or product with an audience that seriously invests in their interests.

Be Different: Capture unique content for your brand marketing campaign aboard a cruise ship and island locations outside of the dime a dozen land based conference centers.

Be Engaged: Enjoy more than just hurried passerby foot traffic with an engaged and captive audience (unless they are very strong swimmers we’re all on the same boat!).

Build Super Fans: The fans you make aboard the cruise are much more likely to continue engaging following the event due to the quality engagement time aboard sailing compared to anonymous foot traffic at a land based convention.

Who is this for?

  1. Brands, products or services related to the event sailings interests.
    1. D20 Cruise – Tabletop RPGs, accessories, tools, etc.
    2. GACUCON Game & Cosplay Cruise – Video Games, Board Games, Cosplay and accessory providers
    3. Battle Barge Wargaming Cruise – Tabletop Wargaming and miniature or hobby enthusiasts (Paints, craft supplies, miniatures, etc.)
  2. Brands with high quality and premium products, our audience enjoys quality when it comes to their hobbies and interests and have the means to invest in what they love. As you would imagine for people willing to take a luxury cruise vacation around those interests.
  3. Brands with engaging content or willingness to interact with guests, since you will have such direct contact with guests over a long period of time the best brands at these events are able to interact with guests while weaving in their product or service. Our team can manage the content with you for learn to plays, demos or other content driven activities that enrich the guests experience and establish your brand or service as a cornerstone in their vacation memories.
  4. High value items thrive with our audience as serious spenders on their hobbies or interests. So if your product is something that appeals to this audience it is a great fit.

We do not recommend this event for brands or companies that solely sell merchandise at conventions due to the limits of cash carried by guests once aboard the ship. Cruising is mostly an all inclusive cashless experience though you can set up a point of sale system if an internet package is purchased.

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