D20 Cruise a TTRPG Vacation

D20 Cruise: The Original TTRPG Cruise Vacation

A fan cruise for the fifth edition of the world's
most popular roleplaying game.

What is the D20 Cruise?

Passionate about tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or Shadowrun? Embark on an unforgettable adventure with the D20 Cruise, where the thrill of your favorite games meets the luxury of a cruise. Explore breathtaking destinations and join a community of gamers in our dedicated gaming area, offering sessions of Dungeons and Dragons 5e and more. Enjoy games, workshops, and special guests in our onboard convention center, with options for both seasoned players and newcomers. Choose between a premium pass for exclusive perks or a general pass for access to our gaming library. The D20 Cruise combines sun, sea, and RPGs for an unparalleled vacation. Note: We’re a fan event, not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast or D&D. Interested in DMing? Contact us. Set sail on an epic RPG adventure!

D20 Cruise Activities

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  • Open-invitation Dungeons & Dragons Sessions (All editions celebrated!)
  • Creative Worldbuilding Sessions
  • Dungeons & Dragons Knowledge Archive
  • Dungeons & Dragons Knowledge Archive
  • Dungeons & Dragons Knowledge Archive
  • Dungeon Master Training Workshops
  • Celebrity Dungeon Master Appearances
  • Character Crafting Seminars
  • Miniature painting workshops
  • Event.Quest! Scavenger Hunt with Awards
  • Exclusive Live Entertainment
  • Mix & Mingle Socials featuring Beer, Wine, and Soft Drinks
  • Dedicated Miniature Painting Hub
  • Extensive Tabletop Gaming Collection
  • Comprehensive Comic & Manga Selection
  • Plus many more surprises!

Event Tickets + Cruise Cabins

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I book My Own Cabin?

A: You most certainly can! We have Solo Passes available, they are limited quantity so get them while they are available

Q: What if I want to attend the event but my partner just want to cruise?

A: Great! This is simple, go to one of the products what have “Cabin” in the name, and when adding to cart, you can specify how many event tickets you need. Choose 1 if only you’ll be attending the con. But be sure to pick the product with the correct cabin number.

Q: What if I don't want dedicated sessions?

A: We have created a Premium and Regular Pass, go for the regular pass which let you enjoy the D20 Cruise more casually without having set game masters, time slots or loot that you may not want to haul around. This lower priced option lets you still access the large group activities and jump in or run community hosted games.

Q: What is the maximum number of players allowed in a game session?

A: Typically, game sessions are designed to accommodate up to 6 players. This size strikes an ideal balance, ensuring that the Game Master (GM) can effectively manage the group while allowing for comprehensive and fulfilling daily sessions. It promotes a well-rounded gaming experience by facilitating balanced gameplay, dynamic combat sequences, and varied interactions among players. By limiting the number of participants to 6, we aim to enhance the quality and enjoyment of the game for everyone involved.


If you’re interested in organizing a larger game party, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can pair you with a GM who specializes in managing the dynamic of larger groups, tailored to your desired party size. This way, you can ensure your gaming experience is both enjoyable and smoothly run, regardless of the number of players.

Q: Is there Food?

A: A cruise ship is pretty much a floating buffet, there are many choices for food, including free and paid.

For more answers, please visit our handy dandy FAQs page here.

D20 Cruise a TTRPG Vacation