D20 Cruise 2025 Solo Pass PREMIUM Event Ticket (TA)


D20 Cruise 2025 Solo Pass PREMIUM Event Ticket (TA)

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This event pass is your all inclusive option including dedicated gaming sessions with professional GMs handpicked by our team and then paired with you based on your interests for roleplay, combat, puzzles and level preferences. This means your party will also include other D20 cruise guests that share the same interests as you making for a nice traveling party in and out of game! Your dedicated sessions will also take place in a private Jr. Suite which includes room service options for food and drinks alongside the privacy and reduced noise of playing in the conference center all while enjoying the ocean views. Oh, you also get collectible loot each year! Including unique one run print t-shirts each year, drawstring bag for your loot, travel dice and more that we can add in to enhance your experience.

The Premium Event Pass is your golden ticket to an all-encompassing gaming experience on the high seas. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Full Access to Conference Center Event Space: Immerse yourself in a dedicated gaming environment.
  • Three Dedicated Game Sessions with Pro GMs: Join exclusive sessions tailored to your interests.
  • Private Jr. Suite Space for Dedicated Sessions: Enjoy privacy and breathtaking ocean views.
    Food and Drink Room Service During Dedicated Sessions: Never go hungry or thirsty while gaming.
  • Access to the Board Game Library: Dive into an extensive collection of tabletop games.
  • Access to Playing or Hosting Pick-up Games and Activities: Join spontaneous fun at any time.
  • Full Access to Miniature Painting Workshops: Unleash your creative side.
  • Access to World Anvil Panels: Engage with experts and enthusiasts.
  • Day 1 and Day 5 Cocktail Party: Raise a glass with fellow gamers.
  • Day 1 Session 0 with Pro-GMs: Start your journey with a bang.
  • Access to Outside Event Space Activities: Karaoke, scavenger hunts, and more!
  • Premium Loot Bag: Expect exclusive treasures.
  • Limited Edition D20 T-Shirt: A collector’s dream.
  • Travel Dice Set and Container: Your gaming essentials on the go.
  • Bonus Annual Loot: A delightful surprise each year!


  • Duration: 5 Nights Eastern Caribbean Cruise
  • Starting: April 14, 2025
  • Returning: April 19, 2025
  • Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean
  • Ship Name: Voyager Of The Seas
  • ROUNDTRIP FROM: Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida
  • VISITING: Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida | Labadee, Haiti | Perfect Day At Cococay, Bahamas | Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida

ATTN: THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT INCLUDE A CABIN. You will be booking a cabin separately. By booking your cabin separately, your main dining hall hours and seating will be chosen at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines discretion separate of D20 Cruise group.

Regular Event Ticket: Great for guests that are a GM and wanting to run their own games with friends cruising with them or to play with others at the event.
Premium Event Ticket: ideal for guests that want the full experience, swag and ensure they get games with experienced GMs dedicated to running fun games for you and your party.