Unleashing the Excitement: Gacucon, Coca-Cola, and Riot Games Introduce ‘League of Legends’ Ultimate Limited Edition Soda on a Cruise!

Hey-Listen! Did you get to experience the ultimate gaming cruise? It was a wild ride, with video games, tabletop games and cosplay! And guess what? Coca-Cola was was generous enough to give us a bunch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Ultimate +XP to share. It was like a secret power-up we brought aboard for the 2023 guests to experience for free! So we wanted to thank them on behalf of our crew and guests who got to enjoy them.

Now picture this: you and a bunch of other game-loving geeks, all on a big ship, playing awesome games like League of Legends, Smash Ultimate and more. Whenever you needed a break from all the action, Coca-Cola Ultimate was on hand alongside all the snacks you’d want like the fan favorite pizza from deck 5 or ice cream from deck 11. Just like reliving those long gone summer breaks we used to experience except with the freedom as an adult…pizza and ice cream for breakfast? Why not hehe!

But wait, there was more! There were cosplayers dressed up as characters from games and anime. Like a real-life cosplay party! Plus, you got to see the ocean and enjoyed the cool sea breeze while cruising along. Mostly though when you are done with the sun we had a whole lot of games to jump into with tournaments or pick-up sessions for boardgames or RPGs.

So, in summary, the GACUCon gaming cruise was off the charts fun this year thanks to all of our wonderful community members, hardworking crew and sponsors like Coca-Cola for helping us enhance the event together. If you like what you’ve read or seen here, book your 2024 GACUCon Game Cruise vacation here; then get ready to level up your gaming and have a blast with other gamers and cosplayers. It was truly epic!

Check out some shots of the event and us taking the +XP flavored Coke Ultimate on vacation. We took it around the ship like our little travel buddy and had some fun with it, even found a rubber duck (cruising tradition!)

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