Battle Barge Cruise AoS/Warcry Warhammer Tournament Organizer

Are you an experienced Warhammer Tournament Organizer and Warhammer Age of Sigmar fanatic? Do you like managing tournaments and their communities for live events? Then we invite you to apply to become one of the Battle Barge Wargaming Cruise Tournament Organizers and sail as part of the crew on this rare voyage!

What is the Battle Barge Wargaming Cruise?

The Battle Barge Wargaming Cruise in 2023 is a 4 day cruise event sailing from Los Angeles on July 17 – 21, 2023. It is 4 days of playing new and popular wargames during your travel time all between fun in the sun and exotic destinations. The event takes place across several private venues aboard this floating city of a ship including Conference Center, Lounges or activity venues (Laser tag, minigolf, karaoke, etc.). Guests will have activities from improving their painting skills with professional miniature painting instructors to games galore like competitive matches, casual narrative games or simply learning new titles. All with fans of the hobby from across the globe on vacation alongside them.

Position Responsibilities

As the AoS/Warcry Tournament Organizer you will be managing the signups, administration and execution of wargaming tournaments on days 2 and 3 aboard the sailing. Depending on the final signups 2-3 months before sailing this may include Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warcry competitive matches so being familiar with both titles and experience with any competitive public tournaments is desired. This includes the following responsibilities:

  1. Creating the tournament rulesets prior to sailing
  2. Develop community guidelines for each title prior to sailing
  3. Managing player signups, questions and disputes on site
  4. Tracking tournament brackets and results
  5. Prize disbursement as needed
  6. Engage with guests and maintain professionalism as a representative of the event
  7. Time management to ensure you and the guests are on time for all scheduled tournament activities
  8. Prepare and distribute tournament materials proactively to ensure smooth a smooth and enjoyable tournament for guests
  9. Work with Event.Cruises staff to request supplies, prize support, etc. as needed

Position Requirements

  • Must be 21+ years of age
  • Must have passport that does not expire by sail date
  • Must be in Los Angeles by time of sailing
  • Must have vaccination card as required by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (Subject to change)
  • 4+ years of tournament organizing or less equivalent experience if dealing with larger or more complex events.
  • Thorough understanding of the most up to date rules and errata for Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warcry games
  • Experience with Best Coast Pairings tournament software and ITC formats

Additional Information

  • Event pass included (Shirts, cocktail hour open bar, swag bag)
  • Shared crew cabin included (Split with other T.O. or Crew)
  • Daily stipend of $100 through the sailing each day
  • Food, water, tea, juice included for all meals aboard the ship
  • Time off to visit the ports and enjoy cruise amenities
  • Discounted options to book your own private cabin or with friends or family members
  • Additional earning opportunities for referral sales

If you have any issues with the application, email for assistance

Want to go to Battle Barge as a guest vs work it? Hit the button below to check out the cabin and pass prices.

"EC_Dru is one of the co-founders of Event.Cruises including GACUCON Game Cruise, D20 the RPG Cruise and Battle Barge the Wargaming Cruise. He's travelled the world and dragged his hobbies along with him as a game master, painter of minis and most recently a 3d printing adept. You can find him @CruiseDru on Twitter."

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