Alan Patrick is, according to some, the worst DM (GM? YOU DECIDE!) to ever walk the earth. He spent several years being regularly accused of being “the death of Dungeons & Dragons” and you know what? Here he is, it’s your turn to decide! Joking aside, he has run thousands of tables over 25+ years as DM and has worked with many different publishers and luminaries across the tabletop RPG industry. For better or worse, he’s launched the Saga of the Worm featuring Kyuss, the undead god of worms, across the Forgotten Realms; he’s stranded Starfleet officers in orbit around a dead moon as they watched Section 31 blow up their starship, and has described the origin of the lizard people in a manner that a certain horror-centric RPG publisher described as “holy ****, that was unnerving”. He brings a love to narrative design and inclusion to the table, preferring to lean into the choices of the player and the character over the words as written on the page, and works to establish critical trust and support in each and every game, no matter the audience. He shares a home with two cats, a very senior dog, a child, and a purple-haired fox that answers to Ginny Loveday.

Professional DM Career.
I’m a giant, giant nerd. I started writing in the 3.x era of D&D and soon after moved into writing and running All The Things:

  • I wrote and demoed content for RPG open play at Gen Con from 2004-2007 for various publishers, mostly d20 based
  • Worked on about 20 adventures for D&D Living Forgotten Realms (4th edition)
  • Joined Paizo as a Venture Officer for Michigan, helping stores set up and run organized play
    • was a 5-star GM with approximately 10 tables/week of my own, and coordinated an additional ~25/week in my home store
  • With my team, launched the D&D Adventurers League (5th edition).
    • Served as Community Manager and Resource Manager from 2014-2021
    • Managed and maintained digital tools and communication platforms
  • Worked on about 40 adventures for D&D Adventurers League in some capacity
    • I have 2 Adamantine, 8 Mithral,  6 Platinum,  and 19 additional best sellers on
    • Over 7 years with the DDAL, I ran thousands of hours of public play content
    • Ran the first livestream of Beadle & Grimm content (Waterdeep Dragon Heist)
  • Contributed content to Waterdeep Dungeon of the Mad Mage and provided input for many other titles from Wizards of the Coast
  • Contributed to The Shackleton Expanse for Star Trek Adventures, Shadow of the Demon Lord, and other publishers
  • I have run some 1,300 hours of content via roll20 and an unholy number of hours across other platforms
  • Worms. So many worms. Kyuss, the Worm That Walks, has been a narrative cornerstone for me for several years.
  • Worked with Ed Greenwood and Alex Kammer on Thay, Land of the Red Wizards
  • Worked with Alex Kammer on The End of Everything for Frog God Games, wherein Hastur and pure chaos seeps into the world at-large