My name is Jules, I’ve been DMing for the better part of 20 years beginning with 3.5 and Pathfinder. Most people know me more for my music however, I have a YouTube channel called FamilyJules that’s dedicated to guitar covers of video game music with more than half a million subscribers. I’m also a speedrunner and stream that on Twitch.

What kind of Game Master are you?

I’m a very loose and fun/silliness first DM. It’s important to me to make sure the players are having fun first and foremost so I put the majority of my effort in adapting the experience to the preferences of the players.

What kind of games do you like to run?  

Quirky for sure, I have a goofy personality and it definitely bleeds into my games.

What RPG Games/Systems are you familiar with running?

I focus on D&D 5e, but have experience with other versions, Pathfinder, and Legend of the Five Rings.

Do you have any projects, products or things you would like to share?

My YouTube and Twitch channels FamilyJules, my recently released album of Persona 5 music titled Jack of Hearts, as well as my contributions to game soundtracks like Infernax and Cadence of Hyrule.

You can find FamilyJules7x at: