Lacey Johnson: YouTuber, Producer, “Keytar Kween”.

Lacey’s style has best been described as “Nerdy with a twist of pop punk”, “Bursting with energy” and has been “spreading the gospel of VGM” wherever she goes. 

Lacey is a Southern-California based Video Game Musician currently creating bi-weekly covers on her YouTube channel in which she is the sole musician, producer, and arranger. Lacey also streams live video game music and gaming on her Twitch Channel. You can also find her creating keytar-focused content on Tiktok.

JRPG games, Anime, and Pop Culture are all huge cornerstones in Lacey’s musical influences (Final Fantasy being her favorite and her reason for staying in piano lessons as a kid). 

In 2020, Lacey released her first Cover EP titled “Limit Break”: A synth-rock mini-album dedicated to the music of Final Fantasy VII. In 2021, Lacey followed up with a Full-Length Physical Release Album titled “The Midnight Channel” with 10 tracks from the game, Persona 4. And in May of 2022, Lacey released her album “Next Mission” Dedicated to the music of the Metroid Franchise.

During the Pandemic, Lacey took to the Internet: performing virtually in festivals, concerts, and raising over $2000 for charity on Twitch. This lead to several wonderful performance opportunities: headlining “The Whims Of Fate”: a stacked show in Orlando FL hosted by Ongaku Overdrive, performing in MAGWest 2021, rocking the Mainstage at Super MAGfest 2022 in National Harbor, MD, Shredding Twin Cities at VGMCon 2022 in Minneapolis,MN, in San Jose, CA at MAGWest 2022, San Japan in San Antonio, TX, The Soda Bar in San Diego, CA! And more TBA in 2023!  

Recently, Lacey was chosen to provide vocals for the game Granblue Fantasy: Versus for the 2022 EVO fighting game tournament in Las Vegas. 

Lacey’s live show is packed with your favorite video game tracks from several genres, some serious Keytar shredding, and high-energy good vibes to go around