Hi! I’m Aliza Pearl. Actor, writer, singer, pro gamemaster and pro TTRPG player. I love storytelling in many forms (clearly).

  1. What kind of Game Master are you:

My style as a DM is all about creating a rich, vibrant playground for players to adventure in. A mix of deep lore and on-the-fly improv create a collaborative story at the table. I delight in players who respect the space and each other, while also breathing life into their PCs and “swinging for the fences” in terms of creativity and excitement. Roleplaying typically takes center stage, with a good amount of combat and political intrigue to round things out.

  1. What kind of games do you like to run? Gritty, more realism, high fantasy, quirky, casual, etc.

I can swing between quirky/silly/off-the-cuff and more grounded/brooding/moody. I usually have elements of both in my campaigns.

  1. What RPG Games/Systems are you familiar with running?

D&D 5e, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Call of Cthulhu, Star Trek Adventures, Coyote & Crow, the new Marvel RPG.

  1. Do you have any projects, products, or things you would like to share?
  • Currently running a Star Trek Adventures campaign called Clear Skies: Perseverance at twitch.tv/CrypticStudios.
  • I’m available for hire for private remote games, at ko-fi.com/AlizaPearl/commissions.
  • I’m about to launch an affordable space-themed fragrance of my own, called “Jupiter”! (feels weird to say that. I feel like a Real Housewife or something)


  1. People can find you on:
    1. Website – alizapearl.com
    2. Facebook – alizapearlcreates
    3. Instagram – alizapearl
    4. Twitter – alizapearl
    5. Tiktok – therealalizapearl
    6. Other – Hive: alizapearl