GACUCON 2022 Game Cruise Recap

For a wait period of two years, this year’s Gacucon came and went too fast!

First and foremost, we, the Gacu Crew, would like to send our most sincere thanks to everyone who attended the 2022 event. We had the biggest event yet, there were laughs, tears, coughs… and all around fun.

2022 Was the first time we had to deal with Covid regulations, as we were on a 2 year pandemic break, I cannot stress enough all the chaos of preparing for that, but we made it!

This year we had a 6 night cruise sailing from Miami, Fl and visited wonderful locations like Falmouth, Labadee, and CocoCay, a prive island owned by Royal Caribbean.

We started the event with a bang, this was the intro Party where we discussed all the going ons of the event. We met all the guests, gave out extra loot and dismissed everyone to go visit the now opened “Gaming Hall”.

Gacucon game cruise 2022 loot shirts badges 3d printed minis
Some of the loot for the loot bags, and Fu checking that the goods were up to part. Take a look at the Gacu Minis, they were big on getting painted in the workshops.

The “Gaming Hall” Was divided into sections, we had the Arcade room, full of video games, VR, Consoles, and all the digital goodies.

Check out the Bay Blade Arena there in the middle. Many battles were had, tears shed.

Next was the Board Games and TTRPG section, here we had the best campaigns. One favorite were the campaigns by the WorldAnvil team. They did a great job both driving campaigns and playing on some of the guests custom one shots.

Gacucon game cruise 2022 worldanvil janet dimitris world building

Here we have Dimitris and Janet enjoying some drinks unwinding after successfully completing embarkation day.

On the third room we had a variation of activities. This was the workshop room mainly, where Impending Duff taught the many guests miniature painting. Becoming the WORLD’S FIRST MINIATURE PAINTING WORKSHOP ON A CRUISE SHIP & ON INTERNATIONAL WATERS. There will be a follow up post on this. Title well earned! Congratulations.

Gacucon game cruise 2022 impendingduff workshop miniature painting twitch

Closing this post, here we have some of the best moments remembered by the Gacu Crew:

Andru’s most memorable moment: I think it was at the final cocktail hour when I got to see everyone come together. It was a graduation of sorts compared to the first cocktail hour where they were all new and separate into a closer group at the end of it. Hearing them cheer each other on for the cosplay showcase, giveaway winners and guest led speech made me so proud of the community.

Frank’s most memorable moment: My most memorable moment was watching the sexiest men competition and in comes Micah as Vision and starts putting the moves on the judge. Not a winner of the contest, but a winner in my heart lol.

Fu’s most memorable moment: Getting Gacucon Karaoke setup on a last minute birthday request was exciting. To see something so simple create such a storm of energy and comradery in seconds is what I really love about this event.

If you missed out on GACUCON the Game Cruise this year, don’t be sad, we are already booking for GACUCON 2023, a 4 night gaming cruise from Los Angeles, California, click the link and get your tickets before they run out.

We are also booking for 2023 two other events, D20 Cruise, a TTRPG Vacation, and Battle Barge Cruise, a Wargaming and crafts vacation. Check them out and come along with us. It is a different kind of vacation.

Gacucon game cruise 2022 cosplay competition costume photoshoot

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