D20 Cruise 2023 – Adventurers League Organizer (Seasonal Contract)

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Event.Cruises is a growing geek event travel agency. We strive to create memorable vacations and strong communities of travelling geeks. This includes the GACUCON Gaming Cruise, D20 RPG Cruise and BattleBarge Wargaming Cruise with more to come through 2024.

At the end of the day, we strive to just do cool things for fun people out at sea on vacation!

About the Position

The position of Adventurers League (AL) Organizer aboard the D20 Cruise is responsible for planning and overseeing an amazing Adventurers League experience aboard a 5 day cruise vacation. Our community is a great bunch so we expect this to be a fun and relaxed setting to really let the first Adventurers League at sea thrive with your help.

The Sailing departs April 19, 2023 and returns April 24, 2023 to Los Angeles, California. This position is seasonal (once a year currently) and require some remote tasks leading up to the cruise including your selection criteria for AL Dungeon Master applications, providing your input for a successful event plan and set a budget for resources you need to make this AL Cruise shine!

The position of Adventurers League (AL) Organizer aboard the D20 Cruise is responsible for maintaining an organized conference center aboard the ship as well as managing the timing and activation of several D&D AL sessions involving hundreds of guests and dozens of reporting AL Dungeon Masters/Game Masters. Where necessary they may also manage guest issues relating to Adventurers League. The Adventurers League Organizer will also assist with the content planning, assist in recruiting where possible and the onboarding of Adventurers League Dungeon Masters for the event plan that is established for the sailing.

The the ideal candidate will be methodical in their approach to event, session and DM management. We’re looking for an individual who is capable of managing an Adventurers League event at sea and dozens of Dungeon Masters to ensure the guests have a fun, inclusive experience. They will be capable of guest relations as well as time management for AL sessions and low-level conflict resolution for rulings as needed. They must be friendly, personable and knowledgeable of the D&D fifth edition system, specifically the newest Adventurers League rules or modules at the time of event.

Last the Adventurers League is 3 of 5 days and generally planned for timeslots well into the late afternoon and evenings allowing both AL organizers to enjoy some time off the ship or around the ship for any number of amenities aboard the cruise ship. Some additional things of note through the D20 Cruise are World Building Workshops by World Anvil’s founders, painting stations to practice painting tabletop minis, photos-cavenger hunts for prizes and charity and more in the works.

So if all of this sounds exciting to you and you believe you have the skills or experience needed to make the D20 Cruise AL rooms a legendary event then you’re in the right place!  Apply and share as much information as you feel comfortable with highlighting your AL experience and/or why you are the best possible person for this role.


— Assist in the development of Adventurers League plan for the D20 Cruise to ensure maximum participation and variety of content over 3 days of events out of 5 days of sailing.
— Assist in the creation of Adventurers League Dungeon Master Requirements and Community Code of Conduct.
— Assist in the drafting of any Adventurers League Dungeon Master Safety Tools and ensuring adherence to the event’s Code of Conduct.
— Build a list of required materials or content required to successfully run the Adventurers League at sea activities. The Event.Cruises team will do our best to fulfill all material requests to enhance the gameplay for DMs and their players.
— Manage guest issues on site with no-shows, table changes, start and end times of sessions in a timely manner.
— Manage Dungeon Master issues aboard the sailing event or making final call determinations on disputes as needed.
— Act as an arbitrator for rules and resolve low-level conflicts between guests and DMs should any arise.
— Assist in the final selections of qualified Adventurers League Dungeon Masters from a pool of candidates following the hiring of one or both AL Organizers for this event.

If selected to set sail as 1 of 2 Adventurers League Organizers for the D20 Cruise here are some considerations/benefits:

— The is a paid position (contract) for roughly 40 hours of work with 3x 8 hour shifts directly at the AL activities aboard the ship with 16 hours of flexible time for tasks leading up to, during or after the event as needed.
— Your cabin is covered in full as one of two AL organizers sharing a cabin. Exceptions can be considered, apply and we can discuss it!
— Event.Cruises covers all other shipboard taxes, fees and gratuities but we do not cover gambling, spa time, specialty restaurants or other specialty packages.
— The sailing includes food, water, tea, juice, coffee are included, you should not have to spend anything once aboard.
— Event.Cruises will purchase an internet package for you to assist in the management of the event. You will need to bring your preferred internet device to use it or request we bring one aboard for you.
— If you have a relevant product/service you wish to promote we encourage it and can make a roll out plan with you.
— We do not include the cost of airfare or transportation and while we are seeking local candidates within driving distance to the Port of Los Angeles we can consider non-Los Angeles candidates with the understanding you will need to be in Los Angeles before the ship departs.


"EC_Dru is one of the co-founders of Event.Cruises including GACUCON Game Cruise, D20 the RPG Cruise and Battle Barge the Wargaming Cruise. He's travelled the world and dragged his hobbies along with him as a game master, painter of minis and most recently a 3d printing adept. You can find him @CruiseDru on Twitter."

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