Hello! My name is Kevin Parr aka Dicecream Sandwich. I am a ttrpg content creator on Tiktok, Instagram and Pro Game Master. I have played one-shots and hosted games on the stages of Gen-Con, DnD in a Castle, multiple twitch streams and have collaborated content with some of the best 3rd party creators in the TTRPG industry today.

What kind of Game Master are you:
I have a background in theater and film acting so I really like bringing a descriptive and immersive to my role playing games. I love the balance of the absurd and the dramatic in my storytelling and allow the players to inform the vibe of the game and use as much of their input as possible when creating my games. Using backstories, incorporating their personalities, all of it. I see these experiences as a player first. I am here to make sure you have the best experience possible, not the other way around. I also will always check in with the group after the session is done to make sure everyone is satisfied with the game and if aspect needs to be adjusted

What kind of games do you like to run?

It really depends on the group. I am a very malleable GM and let the group inform the play style we go forward in. I have my own style which is very much like the cartoon FINAL SPACE, both dramatic and comedic giving the story levels so its not all one note. But if the players as a group is wanting to go into one aspect more than the other, I’m always happy to adapt.

What RPG Games/Systems are you familiar with running?

So far just DnD, I have also recently learned Pathfinder so i’m still a newbie but would be happy to run a game if players were interested in learning!

Do you have any projects, products or things you would like to share?

I am currently working with an incredible TTRPG content studio Questline. We just launched our first project Dragonlance: Shadow of War on their twitch and youtube feating Luis Carazo (Critical Role: Calamity) Michelle Nyguen Bradley (VTM: New York by Night) Quincys Tavern and Tank Tolman (Tiktok)

Otherwise you can find all my past campaigns on my youtube channel and we also run games from other GMS on my twitch channel.


People can Dicecream Sandwich at:

all socials @dicecreamsandwich
Website – https://beacons.ai/dicecreamsandwich
Twitter – dicecreamsammie