My role-playing and DMing style is completely story driven. I view the players and myself as being co-authors in creating the story that we are all experiencing together. I do believe in abiding by the rules of the game but maintaining that the players and their experience needs to come first. If a rule needs to bend to accommodate an amazing moment in the game then so be it. Finally as a passionate student of history I find that the most fulfilling gaming experiences that I and my players have enjoyed are the ones that were informed by real historical precedence. I also encourage as much immersion as can be managed. To that end I tend to shy away from theater of the mind in favor of employing game aids. Things like accurate miniatures for both monsters and PCs. Battle mats that allow for a clear understanding of where people and monsters are, etc.

Professional D&D Career: First and foremost I am a forever DM. I have been running TTRPGs for my friends and colleagues for 32 years now. My first exposure to “professional DMing” came in the form of running games at conventions all over California for the RPGA (Role Players Gaming Association). The precursor to what is now the D&D Adventurers League. I have maintained a close relationship with several of my local game stores and many times over the years they have trusted me to run games that were focused on introducing new people to role playing. Also I am the head writer and technical advisor for the currently in production, D&D based show Geek Knights. I have had the amazing opportunity to spend time with many of the amazing men and women that created and grew D&D from its very beginnings. Names like Tracy and Laura Hickman, Ed Greenwood, Harold Johnson, Darlien, Tim Kask, Mike Carr and Allen Hammok. I have had the amazing opportunity to meet and play with these amazing authors and story crafters. To build friendships with these early pioneers of our incredible game and to learn from them how to build worlds, craft compelling stories and participate in a shared gaming experience.