Kelly Lynne D’Angelo is a Two-Spirit Tuscarora (Haudenosaunee) writer, performer, and activist who has done her fair share of storytelling in different mediums, including television, books, TTRPGs, and stage musicals. Recent credits include TBS’ Miracle Workers, Netflix’s Spirit Rangers, Adult Swim’s Final Space, and writing for Dungeons and Dragons’ adventure book Candlekeep Mysteries. You can also catch her on various platforms as a professional Dungeon Master and Player for Dungeons & Dragons, Geek & Sundry, College Humor, Buzzfeed, and more, including her games NDND, Girls Guts Glory, Sirens of The Realms, and Tales From The Loop. @kellylynnedang

What kind of Game Master are you:

Kelly loves to use unique homebrew, story-driven settings, loosely based on the lore and adventures of The Forgotten Realms. The style of her games tend to be focused on intrigue, exploration, and role-play, though there will be plenty of combat that brings you to the Big Bad… if you make it there, alive. Collaboration, communication, and inventiveness with your party are key in her games – Kelly acts as a facilitator, more-so giving the player a sandbox to play in, rewarding strong in-character choices, listening, and teamwork. She always tries to incorporate terrain and miniatures in integral story points, to really bring the player into the battles. And most importantly, Kelly wants you to have fun: moments of laughter, adventure, and joy around a shared table.

What kind of games do you like to run? Gritty, more realism, high fantasy, quirky, casual, etc.

Kelly’s styles of storytelling are always epic, adventurous, and dangerous… with a hard dash or absurdity and randomness. You never know what you’re going to get at her table… and that makes it all the more fun! Her games tend to be place within high-fantasy settings, but she’s known to twist a plot or two. Come enjoy the wacky imagination, and bring your fully authentic, creative selves to a playful table.

What RPG Games/Systems are you familiar with running?

Kelly is most familiar with D&D 3.5e, 4e, and 5e (preferred) as well as running Vampire: The Masquerade, Pathfinder, Tales From The Loop, Kids on Bikes, Burning Wheel, Coyote & Crow, Good Society, Numenera, and Phoenix: Dawn Command.

Do you have any projects, products, or things you would like to share?

Be on the lookout for three of Kelly’s recent series she wrote on dropping this year: Spirit Rangers and My Little Pony: Make Your Mark on Netflix, as well as The Twisted Timeline of Sammy & Raj on Nickelodeon International. Additionally, Kelly’s musical, Starry, will be premiering on the West End later this year. In terms of the TTRPG space, stay tuned! More is on the horizon.

People can find you on:

    1. Instagram – @kellylynnedang
    2. Twitter – @kellylynnedang
    3. Tiktok – @kellylynnedang