I love when the players have good character concepts and immerse themselves into the fantasy world. I try to encourage this by roleplaying my NPCs as real, separate individuals, with their own goals and personalities. I might even do an accent or two, albeit poorly. Player agency is paramount in my games; no story is better than the players choices. I am adaptable and unconstrained with my planned adventures. I tend to run more realistic games, as opposed to gonzo gumshield I do believe the rules are important, I do not let them get in the way of having fun. I have been called a “Rulings over rules DM” and I accept this title.

D&D Career: I started playing D&D back in 1994, my first character was a dwarf fighter. I began running table top roleplaying games a year later, my first being Battletech and then Vampire: The Masquerade. I have run many types of games and many different systems since then. I started running D&D in 1998, my first game being a Ravenloft campaign. I am currently running a Shadowrun game and a D&D Dark sun game. My current D&D campaign has been played bi-monthly since July 2018 and I keep a blog journal of it. My favorite D&D settings are Dark Sun, Ravenloft, and Grayhawk.

I plan on starting a D&D Dark Sun themed YouTube channel and podcast later this year.