When it comes to running games, I like to center challenging decisions, character relationships, and unique storytelling. I want my tables to be a safe and exciting space for players to experience the sort of stories that we don’t get to in real life. I love distinctive NPCs, puzzles, mysteries, and choices that deeply affect the characters and the world. Most of all, I love seeing the amazing things that players come up with!

Professional D&D Career: I have been running games as a DM since 2014, and went professional with it in 2020. I studied theatre in college, and this background grounds much of my DM style. I also have experience in teaching, team building, and event hosting. Finally, I am half of the Spilled Coffee Creatives design team. We write murder mysteries, puzzle games, LARPs, and TTRPGs. We ran our first Kickstarter this past February, and raised over $3,000 for our dark academia murder mystery game.