Hello, my name is Carlos, I have been a dungeon master for over 4 years now and continue to enjoy seeing how the players overcome my wacky ideas and puzzles. I enjoy seeing a group of strangers or friends come together and accomplish a task no matter where it leads. The most enjoyment I have is when there is a great role play scene as well as an amazing combat.

What kind of Game Master are you:

Benevolent and charming. Deadpool is also benevolent.

What kind of games do you like to run? Gritty, more realism, high fantasy, quirky, casual, etc.

I like to run a mix of all. Quirky, fun, casual, relaxed, fun driven, rule of cool, little bit of rules don’t hurt, and best of all high fantasy.

What RPG Games/Systems are you familiar with running?

Most familiar with DnD 5e

Do you have any projects, products or things you would like to share?

I have online games that I want to run through fantasy ground but have yet to find a group to run it.

Event.Cruises Note: Fun fact, Carlos is not new to Cruise based dungeon mastering having run several games for guests on GACUCON 2022!