Meet the D20 Cruise Dungeon Masters

We’re happy to announce the following Dungeon Masters will be aboard the D20 Cruise in 2023 sailing from Los Angeles on April 19, 2023. It’s a glorious 5 day cruise vacation with guaranteed sessions each day on Day 2, 3 and 4 for players to enjoy alongside workshops by World Anvil, miniature painting classes by Impending Duff and more.

Onto the Dungeon Masters! Updated as we bring aboard new DMs and Crew


Learn more about DM Blastin_Astrid

Learn more about DM Carlos

Learn more about DM Dev

Learn more about The GM Tim

Dungeon Master Gwendolyn Marshall

Learn more about DM Gwendolyn Marshall

Jay Africa RPG designer and Game Master

Learn more about DM Jay Africa

Dungeon Master Kevin Fanin

Learn more about DM Kevin Fannin

Sammy Zamora

Learn more about DM Sammy Zamora

Learn more about DM Neal P.

D20 Adventurer League Organizers (ALOs)

Learn more about ALO Garrett Colón

Learn more about ALO Robert Adducci soon…

"EC_Dru is one of the co-founders of Event.Cruises including GACUCON Game Cruise, D20 the RPG Cruise and Battle Barge the Wargaming Cruise. He's travelled the world and dragged his hobbies along with him as a game master, painter of minis and most recently a 3d printing adept. You can find him @CruiseDru on Twitter."

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